Our products are not harmful to the environment
Our products are not animal tested
Our products do not have the drying chemicals that commercial soaps have.
Our Skin Loving Line
Our soaps are made using cucumber, avocado, aloe, olive oil, palm oil, shea butter, and glycerin.  
lotions are created to be luxurious and soothing in the same delighful fragrances as our soaps.  
scrubs are made with either our combination of sugars or salts, nourishing oils, aloe, shea butter,
and spectacular scents.  

We add in vitamins like A, C, D, and E so our products are extra skin loving.  
We make beautifully detailed, wonderfully scented personal care items.
Visit us often because we love to add new products!

Does your skin feel dried out and under loved with the soap you have been using?  If you have gotten tired of the skin drying effects
those commercial soaps have, we recommend that you try our skin nourishing products.  We have researched, designed, and created
the soap and body care line that we offer.  This all started when I wanted to find a way to feel clean and moisturized at the same time.

We offer only the best in skin care!  Everything we offer has been tested by a panel of honest friends, family members, and our many
outstanding customers.  Until it is the very best, we keep reformulating it.  Because of this, you will notice the difference and truly enjoy
your bath time.
We are located in
central Florida
surrounded by swaying
palm trees and warm
tropical breezes.  
Because of this, most
of our inspiration is
from nature itself.  We
offer products using
only the finest
ingredients that will
leave your skin feeling
moisturized and
nourished.  Give them
a try and we're sure
you will agree they are
truly a pleasure to use
Swaying Palm Tree Soaps and more!